Membership Registration 2024

Membership Application to NAMBA is open for the year of 2024
Annual Fees for a Primary Member is $50

Personal Information

Location Information

Account Information

This application has to be properly filled up and the payment of either $50 (Adult Member) or $40 (Adult Member Same Address) or $25 (Junior Member) must be sent to the NAMBA office by the applicant or can be paid online via paypal from this site.

In the event of an accident, this form becomes a legal form. Where any doubt of spelling of the name or address occurs, the membership will be held up. Please keep in mind that the member is not insured until the request and the fee for insurance have been properly filed with an authorized NAMBA official.

I acknowledge that I have read the NAMBA rulebook and will comply with all safety rules for my model boating insurance to be in effect.