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At NAMBA you can participate in radio controlled model boat racing events with other members.

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Club Options

Once you are a member of NAMBA, you can either form a club yourself or associate with some other club. If you are an official of a club, you can insure a site (of the event) where you wish to plan a boat-racing event. Besides that, you can also apply to NAMBA to sanction your races.

You can only check out your clubs once you are a member and logged in.

Single Event Insurance

Non-Members of NAMBA (ie. General Public), can register for a "Single Event Insurance (also known as: SEI)".

This allows the registrant to participate in only one single racing event in the entire calender year. Addtional participation in the same year, requires full NAMBA Membership, and you can apply for that on the left hand side box.

Application for SEI
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